Center court JBHS

Superintendent's Office


February, 2019

Dear Tuscarora School District students, families, and residents;

Thank you for your interest in the Tuscarora School District.  It is hard to believe we’re half way through the 2018-19 school year!?!  I have experienced a steep learning curve in my role as Acting Superintendent but I certainly have felt and appreciate the support of our community.

In my Back to School message, I wrote about our journey toward increased student opportunity and achievement, enhanced school district culture, and improved professional collaboration on behalf of our students.  I appreciate and have tried to promote and celebrate the many wonderful, positive things that happen in our schools each day.  I fully believe that “We have great kids” in our community and it is our shared responsibility to prepare them for the NEXT steps of their lives.  

To expand upon my last sentence, I am proud to announce the new Mission Statement, developed by a group teachers and administrators and approved by our School Board, which will guide our work together on behalf of our TSD kids:

Empowering all learners for their unlimited NEXT

Our new TSD Mission Statement is intentionally simple and begs for further discussion, inquiry, and analysis.  It is our hope that this statement will be a “conversation starter” throughout our schools and our community.  Every student is unique and has his/her own individual NEXT step in school, life, or career.   For me personally, the words “all” and “unlimited” contain special challenges for our educational community.  We must ensure that ALL students, including those who may be considered at-risk, are prepared for their very best UNLIMITED future.  A commitment to at-risk students is one of nine building blocks of a world class education system (Tucker, 2016).  This will require that we provide additional and more flexible resources for at-risk students.  Students from low income or otherwise disadvantaged situations will need the very best resources, enhanced coordination between schools and families, and additional time and effort from our very best teachers and staff.  Vital components of an educational successful system include but are not limited to early identification processes, comprehensive intervention and support systems, open communication between and families and schools, and individualized pathways to career and college readiness.  Succeeding with and for all students can be challenging.  It is also our responsibility and our mission. 

Thank you for joining me in creating the very best educational experience for ALL of our students.  Thank you, again, for supporting our kids.  Best wishes for a safe and productive start to the second half of the school year.  

Tuscarora Proud,

Rodney N. Benedick, M. Ed.

Acting Superintendent, Tuscarora School District


Marc Tucker, “9 Building Blocks for a World-Class Education System”, (Washington, DC: National Center on Education and the Economy, 2016).